Saturday, February 5, 2011

My "Abbie", what a Gem. She was born from Clancy and Molly. She went to a house with 3 young kids, came back and was re homed again. Well, number two home did not work out either. When she came back the second time, we wanted to evaluate her and just see what was going on. After just a few days, Elaine and I looked at her, and then at each other and wondered just what was wrong. To be fair, the second attempt to re home her, nothing was wrong, they had circumstances come into their life that would not be fair to them or to her. It was the best decision. But we did wonder.....

Back to the story. Abbie would stay in the house and would be the perfect dog. She did not chew on anything, bark, beg and was completely house broken. Better than any dog I have ever seen. She would come to me and just sit and look at me until we went outside and then in about 10 seconds, back to the house, no playing around. After a few weeks passed Elaine, knowing my rule not to keep any pup of ours, ask "can we keep her" To her surprise, I said "Sure", she is prefect and has fit in nicely.

She LOVES the water no matter where it is. When we took her and Meg on a road trip to Shipshewana last year, after a hearty game of Frisbee, she ran to a dirty, stagnant pond and jumped in to cool off, just like at home, only our water is clean. Well bath time was in order, so here we were at the hotel getting a bath with fancy shampoos and big towels.

What I enjoy most about Abbie is she is so loving. When when we first got her back, she was sitting in my lap in the recliner and Clancy was in the other recliner sitting right next to me. Clancy came over to visit and she started grooming him, licking his face and cleaning his ears and then she would, with her face, ever so gently rub his face with hers. It was so gentle and sweet and I had the best seat to see it all.

She is a great bed buddy. She is one of the only dogs that will make "spoons" with you. She is like sleeping with a Teddy Bear and her hair is like silk. In the mornings, she will wake you only after the alarm has gone off of if you stir, She will smother you with big kisses and licks. She will search for everything on your face, nose, mouth, ears and even your eyes. The odd thing, she seems to enjoy it, and of course, we do too. She always has an open spot in my lap. She will jump up with a spring, give me a kiss and make two circles and make a nest, sleeping for hours, sometimes both of us..

Many people who come to look at our dogs or pups will hear her story and will ask, "Can we buy Her?" and my response is always the same. No, she is the "Official House Dog" She is truly a great Dog. We have Abbie just for the pure joy of Abbie.

Saturday, December 19, 2009